In a world where creatures of legend are real, and fantasy is fact, astonishing adventures abound. Science fiction tales that take us from the cobblestoned streets of 19th century London, to distant worlds centuries into the future. Follow the stories of characters who will shape a universe.

The Astonishing Adventures of Heracles Flint

Join a battle across the centuries against the immortal evil of the Prince of Darkness. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of one Victorian gentleman. His name is Flint, Heracles Flint. . .

Adventures that span the past, present, and future

Tales of adventure that begin in 1850, and race through the years to the 23rd century… and beyond. See the future unfold across a multiverse of heroes, villains, science, and magic.

The Astonishing art of Bentti Bisson

Artist Bentti Bisson brings to life the characters of Heracles Flint’s world, from the Victorian adventurer himself to mechanical men, travellers from the stars, and the immortal evil of Dracula

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The Astonishing Webstores

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The Clockwork & Steam Boutique

The boutique carries the finest of steampunk curios, from the The Aviator’s Wrist-Goggle Chronomitor, and EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator, to the mechanical wonder of the Time Machine Chronambulator Dial.


Lifestyle Gothique

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The year is 1891, and the adventure is about to begin...

Secret societies, steampunk mechanisms, vampyres, werewolves, monsters, robots, aliens, time travel, action, adventure, war on the streets of London, airship battles on the Las Vegas strip, a swashbuckling Victorian gentleman, and the immortal evil of Dracula.