In a world where creatures of legend are real, and fantasy is fact, astonishing adventures abound

Science fiction tales that take us from the cobblestoned streets of 19th century London, to distant worlds centuries into the future. Follow the stories of characters who will shape a universe.

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The Characters

A war has raged in the shadows across centuries. Mankind is blissfully unaware of the battle, and only a small group of warriors defend them from the Prince of Darkness.

Heracles Flint in Action

The Fate of Humanity Rests in Their Hands

A Victorian Gentleman, A Mechanical Man of Mystery, The Bride of the Monster, The Queen of the Wolves, A Protector of the Innocent, A Man from Tomorrow, A Visitor from Another World, and The Lord of The Vampyres

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The Short Stories

Adventures, battles, and introductions, to the world of the Astonishing Adventures

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Mariners, Monsters, & Mechanical Men

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The Novels

The ‘World’s End’ Trilogy begins with Forever in Shadow, where a battle across time will determine the survival of the human race.

The year is 1891, and the world of tomorrow is about to end

Secret societies, steampunk mechanisms, vampyres, werewolves, monsters, robots, aliens, time travel, action, adventure, war on the streets of London, airship battles on the Las Vegas strip, a swashbuckling Victorian gentleman, and the immortal evil of Dracula.

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