Atoms Steam and Gasoline

Atoms, Steam, & Gasoline, powering punk sci-fi since, well, since whenever your time travelling airship arrived!

Just what is ‘punk sci-fi’? It’s a group of science fiction sub-genres, playing with twisted takes on the regular futuristic and next gen technology themes.

The Astonishing Adventures plays out across nearly all of punk sci-fi’s many versions and Atoms, Steam, & Gasoline is your introduction and showcase for them all. Wild flights of imagination from the world’s of Steampunk, Teslapunk, Dieselpunk, Decopunk, Atompunk, Cyberpunk, Biopunk, and Nanopunk, and possibly a few more, you’ve heard of Clockpunk, Stonepunk, and Splatterpunk right?

Hopefully ASG and The Astonishing Adventures spark your imgaination, and the next William Gibson comes to play in either our universe, or you build one of your own. Check out all things punk sci-fi below.

What is Steampunk?


A fantastical Victorian world of clockwork and steam…


What is Teslapunk?


Mastering electricity at the dawn of the 20th century…


What is Dieselpunk?


Take to the skies in gas guzzling aircraft…


What is Decopunk?


Flying cars, chrome, and fins, abound…


What is Atompunk?


Split the atom and rocket to the stars…


What is Cyberpunk?


Upload yourself to the electronic frontier…


What is Biopunk?


Alter nature, consequences be damned…

What is Nanopunk?


Reorder the building blocks of creation…


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