Having a collection of stories in your head eventually reaches a crisis point, you begin to run out of space.  Remembering to pick up milk on the way home is replaced by rapier wielding Victorian explorers, turning steampunk mechanisms against a horde of vampires in the cold misty back streets of London; or a race against time to bring engines on-line on a starship, before the rocky debris of shattered planet tears through the hull.

The time has come for me to let off some steam, release some of the ever increasing pressure on my skull, and set loose some of my deliriums upon the unsuspecting world.

The first of these is to be ”The Astonishing Adventures of Heracles Flint – Forever in Shadow‘ 

I’m a science nut by trade and hobby and have always had a love for the punk sci-fi aesthetic.  There’s some amazing ideas that flow from those genres, with devices and machines that are mesmerising in their complexity and wonder, and it’s a marvellous view of the possibilities that just didn’t quite happen, but most likely thrive in a parallel universe.  I’m just as enthralled by space, androids, A.I.s, time travel, aliens, suffice to say it’s a long list.

I’ve mixed up numerous sci-fi elements into Flint’s first published adventure, you’ll see from his history there are several adventures untold before the events of Forever in Shadow.  I’ve packed in most of the things I love reading about, or seeing made real on the big or small screen and I hope you enjoy it.

The Astonishing Adventures on Kickstarter

A successful Kickstarter campaign was the big bang that helped create this new universe of adventure, and funded the awesome character art you find throughout the site. More details here http://www.theastonishingadventures.com/astonishing-art/ and here http://www.theastonishingadventures.com/kickstartercampaign/

The Author

By way of an introduction to me, I’m Nick, Science Guy, Blogger, Writer, Biker, Geek, Trekkie(er), Tech Fan, Comic Book Connoisseur (10,000+ collection …I know it’s mad!), Husband & Father, Movie Fan, dreams of one day travelling among unknown stars…

You’ll find me lurking in www.adimensionofmind.com

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