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Welcome to our showcase of authors who weave Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror tales to thrill you. Sci-Fi is a multifaceted genre, everything from steampunk, to starships, the imminent dangers of A.I., to upgrading humanity via cyberpunk and biopunk. Fantasy encompasses worlds of magic, witches, wizards, dragons, and tales of sword and sorcery. Horror is equally rich with ghost stories, possessions, monsters of legend, and killers on the rampage. Click on the book images to be transported to the authors world and join their adventures.

Order of Dimensions

Author – Irene Helenowski

The trilogy follows Jane Kremowski, a beautiful and brilliant physics graduate student involved in the development of the Multiverser, a device allowing for inter-dimensional travel.  But a thrilling race against time ensues when the former Soviet spy Anton Zelov has his own intensions for the technology.  And the fate of all dimensions lies with the choice of an unlikely heroine.

Madame Lilly

Author – Dormaine G

“I’m fascinated by young adult, supernatural books which is why I wrote Connor and paranormal murder mysteries hence my book Micco, Anguta’s Reign. But I especially love anything horror so I wrote a series titled Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess, an historical fiction fright.  I probe into the fictitious world and push the limits of graphic horror. Anything maddening or frightening is my beloved so writing Madame Lilly was thrilling for me. I don’t believe in holding back when I write.”

An Evening at the Palace

Author – N.J.Moore

Queen Victoria has faced more than one attempt on her life during her long reign. This night however may be the boldest attack yet, as her assailant is employing the dark arts to reach his prey. By chance, a group of experts in dealing with such situations, have happened upon the terrifying assault on the palace. An adventurer, a clockwork man, the bride of the monster, and the Queen of the wolves, stand ready to defend her.

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