The team here at Flint HQ are currently creating an expanded universe of new characters, and some making an appearance in the main series of books, for other authors and artists to build stories and visuals around.

The book spans over a century in time, and there are the couple of decades of tales to be told before the 1891 setting of the book. There are solo adventures to be told for mechanical man of mystery, Charles Brass, from his years as a freelance secret agent during WWI and II, and as he moves through the ages of dieselpunk, and atompunk.  There’ll also be many more stories of members of the Society, and also those from Dracula’s Cult of the Vampyre, the Werewolf Realm, and others.

We’re seeking to create a huge diverse universe of clockwork, steam, volts, horror, and sci-fi, a playground for artists, authors, fans, and makers, somewhere to enjoy the finest flights of imagination that steampunk, and maybe few other punked genres have to offer.

All of these tales will come under a collective The Astonishing Adventures brand and there will be future opportunities for creators to make money, yes actual money, from published anthologies we’re planning. We want to build something fun for readers and beneficial for creators.

As an example below are brief bio’s for two of the characters that will be part of the expanded universe, and available for other creators to play with.

Rick ‘lightning’ Buchanan

A former Texas Ranger, US Marshall, and special government agent, infamous for his speed with a gun, hence his nickname lightning. However for members of the Society of Esoterica Technica, it also refers to his twin lightning casting pistols that are used on ‘special occasions’. When not protecting the union, from criminals trying to establish themselves on the new frontier in the late 1800’s, Buchanan battles greater supernatural forces intent on causing mayhem in the wild west.

A friend of Heracles Flint, having fought together on more than one occasion, Flint designed Buchanan’s twin pistols, powered by Heracles’ proprietary Aether Core technology.

The Ranger has met and battled many a foe alongside some of the greatest names of the wild west era, including taking on the infamous mercenary gang, the blood clan, when they rode en mass into Tombstone in 1880, and revealed themselves as vampyres in an attempted slaughter of the troubled town’s population. Buchanan was joined by Wyatt Earp, his brothers, and Bat Masterson, and succeeded in eliminating them, and swiftly covering up the mystical elements of the attack.

Lilith Drassenberg

Drassenburg Enterprises in a world renowned technology and finance company, and a leading light in the European business world from its base in Frankfurt, Germany. The beautiful and enigmatic owner of the company is Lilith Drassenburg, and she is the fourth of the Drassenburg women to lead the company since it was established in 1903. She has been the most public of the Drassenburgs to head the business, given the advent of social media and paparazzi that are so prevalent in today’s society. Her predecessors were rarely seen by anyone and kept a tight grip on the affairs of the company from the stately Drassenburg manor on the outskirts of the city, along the banks of the Main river.

The reason for the secrecy is that all the Drassenburg women have been the same woman throughout the years.  Falsified documents, family inheritances, and name changes, all covering the truth that Lilith is a vampyre, turned by Dracula himself in 1858.

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