The upcoming novel, The Astonishing Adventures of Heracles Flint – Forever in Shadow sees the past, present, and future collide, as Heracles Flint, and his global network of Victorian knights, The Society of Esoteric Technica, face their greatest challenge.

The Society led by Flint with his close companions, Diana Von Storm, the bride of Frankenstein’s monster, clockwork android Charles Brass, and Alexandria, Queen of the Wolves, fall foul of a plot to destroy them by their arch nemesis, the vampire God, Dracula.

Dracula has seized the time machine of Harold Wells, a descendant of HG Wells, who had been travelling back to Victorian London to visit his famous relative. Using Wells’ device the Prince of Darkness has constructed a portal to the present day, where he seeks to rule all, free of the constant pursuit by the Society, who have thwarted his efforts for years.

In a pitched battle both he and Flint fall through time and Flint’s friends are lost presumed dead. In the present day Flint finds a much changed, much harsher, world than the future he’d hoped would evolve from his time, and gathering what resources he can, makes plans to stop Dracula once and for all.

If he fails, the world of tomorrow, will live forever in shadow…

Coming soon, learn more in the Heracles Flint section of the website


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