At the end of 2013 Heracles Flint hit Kickstarter, seeking funds to create art and help with production costs. Thankfully, due to the generosity and enthusiasm of our fantastic backers, the project was successfully funded. The final few minutes were a nerve wracking watch as we hovered around the funding goal, all too aware of Kickstarter’s all or nothing rules, but we made it, and after being treated for multiple heart attacks we got back to creating a new universe of adventure.

Kickstarter success

We featured on Bleeding Cool

We appeared on top entertainment website Bleeding Cool with a competition to cameo as a character in the book.

We took Geekscape BTS

Awesome website for all things geek Geekscape gave us great coverage with a interview and feature on building the world of Flint

We made it!

It was touch and go in the final few minutes, but thanks to our wonderful backers we made it and joined the ranks of ‘successfully funded’


Our Kickstarter adventure in pictures


Julie Brown

KT Glitz

Colin Wernham

Stephen Burnside

Wyng’d Lyon Creations

Elaine Nelson

Terry Long

Amanda Allaway

Gwen Frazer-Dennison

Shane Stigman

Jeremy Saunders

Todd Green

Oli Wright


Claire J Portmann

Christine Deitner

Sush Rose


Brett Bjornsen


Jonathan Weston

John Zmrotchek



Amy Stetzl



Lorenz Lammens

Amy Watson

Keith Hall

Leah Angstman


Mark McCluney

Nathan Seabolt

Rebecca Grayden

Matt Bleasdale

Marie Mint

Lars Ivar Igesund


Scott Maynard

Trevor Gryffyn



Charles Dowd

Mike Martinez

Christian Brandt Kaarup


Darren Evans

Justin Beeson

Brendan O’Connell


Nicholas McCrickard

Chris Cotter

Geoffrey Ford

Terrone Carpenter

Colm Garvey


Joel Poirier

Jason Seddon

Jeremy Holstein

Brian Stello

Stefano Liggeri

Jeremy Kear

Eveline Aebi

Bernd Pressler


Richard Durham

Daniel Brady

Ken Mooney

Melissa Dupont

Dave Lee


Leo Campos

Stephanie Wagner

Vicente L Ruiz

Brian Leahy

Lara Pressburger


Irene Helenowski

Angel Velasquez


Bill V

Kathryn Huxtable

J. Cebron Cook

Steve Hochberger



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